Our Programs

The Leadership Academy

BUY-Cobb believes the adage that iron sharpens iron. So, we insert leaders from the community into the lives of young men and women who possess a thirst to be wildly successful.

Our leadership academy is an incubator for the world's future authority figures. In keeping with our goal of developing global decision makers, we expose our students to proven business owners, senior executives of multinational organizations, corporate executives, school district superintendents, principals, educators, doctors, attorneys, judges, politicians, law enforcement officers, media executives, athletes, authors, motivational speakers and clergy to prepare them to oversee the world’s affairs.

BUY-Cobb students learn: executive, public and interpersonal communications; organization; business planning; goal setting; execution and achievement; etiquette; integrity; safety; social skills; standardized testing skills; college selection criteria; and scholarship acquisition.

We meet every third Saturday of the month; from September to May. Our training sessions begin at 8:15 am and last until noon. Sign up online

Mentoring Program

BUY-Cobb's Mentoring Program takes a very unique prospective on developing both mentors and mentees. The program focuses on personal development when it comes to both the mentor and mentee.

The mentor program seeks to not only mentor, but build future mentors. The primary focus of the program is centered on middle school students. However, the program enlist the help of College Students to mentor and teach High School student. The High School students mentor and teach the middle school students. All of this is done along side and with the aid of BUY-Cobb staff.
Participating Schools: Lindley Middle School and South Cobb High School

Life Empowered Project

The Life Empowered Project is a three-year mentor-guided program designed for selected students (starting in the 6th grade), who truly want to run their own businesses. The program works to facilitate their potential to learn, develop, and put into practice their business ideas. This not only provides a foundation for their entrepreneurial and educational pursuits, but gives the value-added benefit of demonstrating reward for effort. The project seeks to develop a community of practice for middle school entrepreneurs in Cobb County and the surrounding area. This project is in partnership with: The Henry Arthur Callis Educational Foundation; The Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurial Center, Cole's College of Business, Kennesaw State University; and The Marietta Sixth Grade Academy. The project was conceptualized to enhance six key learning areas:

1. Critical thinking
2. Business acumen
3. Teamwork
4. Knowledge of their communities
5. Financial awareness
6. Socialization, communication, and group dynamics

To apply for the program, both students and parents will each need to complete their respective questionnaire, as follows:

1. Life Empowered Project Questionnaire for Students: https://form.jotform.com/80820873284158
2. Life Empowered Project Questionnaire for Parents: https://form.jotform.com/80818389024159

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