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Creative Muscle Flexing!
  • Upcoming Classes

    I am so excited about the ideas that were generated during our first session. Below you will see the topic for each of the upcoming classes - At the beginning of each class we will spend some time talking about what to do when you are feeling in a creative mood and finding your creative spark

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  • November 14 - Graphic Design Creations - Including logo designs and creating your own coloring pages

    During our Graphic Design session we will use free software to design a personal logo. We will learn about pairing fonts together and color pallets. This is the perfect class to start with because once you gain familiarity with using the software, you will be able to create labels, cards, posters, and social media items that you can use in future sessions. We will also design our own coloring pages.

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  • December 12 - DIY Holiday and Birthday Gifts - Including friendship bracelets, cookies, and cupcakes

    During our DIY Holiday and Birthday Gift class we will share ideas for gifts you can make yourself for your friends and family. We will also focus on packaging your gifts using what you already have.

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  • January 9 - Entertaining A Group Of Friends - Focus on planning the perfect movie night

    Eventually we will get back to spending quality time with friends on a regular basis. During this class we will talk about what it takes to plan the perfect movie night. It doesn't matter if you will invite over 4 friends or 14 - putting a little bit of time into planning your event will make it fun and run smoothly. The extra touches you add will have your friends wanting to come back again and again.

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  • February 6 - Cake Decorating 101 - Including baking basics

    Cake Decorating 101 and Baking Basics will focus on the tools and techniques that will help you get started making cakes people rave about - I will share some recipes as well.

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  • March 6 - Paint and Sip - Including mini meditation session and smoothie recipes

    Our last class..... We will wind down with a Paint and Sip. Before we start painting we will have a mini meditation session to get our creative energy charged up. I will share some smoothie recipes so you can have something healthy to sip on while you work on your art project.

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