Every week, the Life Empowered Project (LEP) Scholars are required to review a question posted here, discuss it amongst themselves at the agreed upon weekly timeslot, and provide Dr. Shipley a comprehensive answer to the question. The weekly question is below:

10/06/2018 – “List the individual members within the new LEP Scholars’ group. What skills does each member of the group have that could be used in a new business?” – The answer should be provided by Wednesday, 10/17/2018.

10/13/2018 – “What roles do accountability and reputation play in a business?” – The answer should be provided by Saturday, 10/20/2018.

10/20/2018 – “What are the essential qualities/characteristics of a good leader, what qualities do you have that would potentionally make you a good leader, and what things do you still need to work on to develop yourself as a leader?” – This is a three part question, which will require you to be honest with yourself and others. As usual, I want you to discuss your answers during your regular conference call. Also, for this week, I want every Scholar (not just the combined answer like before) to provide me with a written answer to all parts of this question. Please provide your answers to me before Saturday, 10/272018.

10/27/2018 – Please describe for me your collective understanding of “Red Ocean Innovation Strategy.” This will require each of you to do research. Please do not give me the “Wikipedia” answer. I want to know how you would define it in relation to this program and your potential business. The answer should be provided to me on or before Saturday, 11/3/2018.

11/4/2018 – I want you to think about your house, neighborhood, school, and community. What types of needs and/or services do you see that do not have a product or service to fill them? In other words, what types of things could you make a business around that people either don’t have or need a better one? We will discuss your answers on Saturday, 11/10/2018, which is our next training session.

11/11/2018 – Yesterday, the Scholars began the concept of brainstorming ideas about potential products or services. On the Wednesday conference call, please continue the brainstorming of those same concepts. Each Scholar should send me an email to tell me what was discussed on the conference call. The emails should be sent by Saturday, 11/17/2018.

11/18/2018 – This week, each Scholar needs to conduct research before the weekly phone call. Determine what it means in business when people talk about the law of “supply and demand.” How would the “demand” part of the theory effect what your company decides to create as a product or service? Each Scholar should email Dr. Shipley individually with their responses by Saturday,11/26/2018.

11/25/2018 – This week in your group discussion, continue to discuss your ideas for possible products or services for your company. Then discuss why each product or service is needed and who would potentially buy it? Each Scholar should be prepared to discuss their answers on Saturday, 12/01/2018, at the next Life Empowered Project meeting.

12/08/2018 – This week in your group discussion, I want you to answer: 1) How do you handle conflict in the group? 2) What does it mean to say you are looking for opportunities for creating added-value?; and 3) For whom would a business be creating added-value? Each Scholar should be prepared to discuss their answers on Wednesday, 12/12/2018, on the next conference call. Dr. Shipley will be on the call with you.

12/16/2018 – In order to help you narrow down what type of product or service your company will sell, perhaps it would be a good idea to think about the various concepts that you need to address in a business plan. This link is to a simple student plan template: http://www.garrard.k12.ky.us/userfiles/294/Classes/8296/business%20outline.doc?id=546416

Review the template and discuss what things will be necessary for your group to identify before you can start to sell your product or service.

12/23/2018 and 12/30/2018 – To allow your group the chance to enjoy your Christmas break, there will not be any questions for these two weeks. You will not be required to have conference calls during these weeks. So, enjoy your break, but please be ready with your ideas and focus when we meet for our first session of the new year (Saturday, 01/05/2019, at Kennesaw State University, Burruss Building, Room 108 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am).

01/05/2019 – Today, we discussed filling the “gap” regarding what consumers want/need and what you can/will produce (product/service) in your potential business. So, this week’s question is “What strategies will you use to determine what the consumer wants?” You cannot just assume that you know what people want/need. You have to actually develop strategies to gather accurate information. Please remember to call into the conference call this week (Weds., 01/09/2019, at 6:30 pm). If you are being charged by your phone carrier to place the conference call, please send me an email to discuss what we can do to help you get onto the call without the charge.

01/15/2019 – No one has contacted Dr.
Shipley in quite a while. So, this week there is no new question. The question is still the same as last week: “What strategies will you use to determine what the consumer wants?” But, this week each student needs to send an individual response to the question to Dr. Shipley by 1-19-2019.

01/20/2019 – “What are the four basic needs for success in small business?” Each Scholar needs to email Dr. Shipley their individual answer by 01/26/2019.

01/27/2019 – This week on your conference call discussion the following: “What is the product or service your company plans to produce?” Ensure that you are ready to discuss your answer on Saturday, February 2, 2019, during our meeting from 9am – 11am at Kennesaw State University.

02/04/2019 – In the LEP session on Saturday, we discussed using your parents as a focus group for your initial research into the product/service you are thinking of creating. Please ask your parents the following questions:

1) What difficulties do you encounter in attempting to make quick/nutritious meals for your children during the week?
2) What have you tried to do to cut down on the time it takes to make those meals?
3) What ideas worked for you? Why?
4) What ideas did not work for you? Why?
5) What do you think of the concept of prepared food boxes with the contents for a meal (serving four persons)?
6) What concerns would you have with a prepared box with the contents for a meal?
7) How much would be willing to pay per meal (serving four persons)?
8) If you were designing such a prepared box, what would you be sure to include?
9) What would you be sure to avoid?
10) What would be the best way for you to obtain the prepared box (delivering or pick up from a central location)? Why?

Each LEP Scholar should:
1) discuss the results in this Wednesday’s telephone conference; and
2) send the results of each of their own parents’ survey to Dr. Shipley before Saturday, February 9, 2019.

02/11/2019 – What were the results of the 10 questions you asked your parents?

02/17/2019 – Last week ou should have discussed the results of the questions you asked your parents. Now, answer the following questions:
1) Does the data match your enthusiasm for the product?
2) What did you learn that you did not anticipate?
3) What do you believe you still need to find out?
Each student should send his/her answers to Dr. Shipley before Saturday, February 24, 2019.

02/24/2019 and 3/2/2019 – The information from your parents was to be provided to Dr. Shipley via email and this week, as discussed at our meeting last week, you were supposed to add to the questions asked of a focus group (your parents). Please provide your responses regarding the additional questions from 02/04/2019, to Dr. Shipley by 03/09/2019.

03/15/2019 – Look on the Internet and find a service that is similar to the service that your company has proposed to provide. List three ways that the service is like your service. List three ways that the service is different than yours. Provide your responses regarding these similarities and differences to Dr. Shipley by 03/23/2019.

03-24-2019 – Based on the only scholar’s response to Dr. Shipley from last week’s question, it would appear that there are other companies that provide similar services to yours. Looking critically at those companies, what is it that you propose to do differently that will make your product/service stand out amongst the competition? Please discuss with your fellow scholars on the weekly call and provide your responses to Dr. Shipley by 03/30/2019.

03-31-2019 – Spring Break (no question/call for this week)

05-20-2019 – During the LEP session on May 4, 2019, Scholars were having trouble with whether their business idea was a good one because they had not done enough research comparing it to other similar ideas. This week on the weekly conference call/video chat or whatever method has been decided to communicate with the group, the scholars will discuss the following:

1) What types of things do we imagine that our customers will have in common?
a. Will they have kids?
b. Will they need meals that they can prepare with or without heating?
c. Will they be looking for any types of foods in particular?
2) Will we be able to provide what they want?
a. How will the packages/boxes/bags be prepared?
b. Where will they be prepared?
c. By whom will they be prepared?
3) How much will it cost?
a. How much do the ingredients for each package/box/bag cost?
b. How much do each package/bag/box cost?
c. Are there other costs?

In addition to speaking on the conference call, each scholar should contact Dr. Shipley through email to explain their own answers to the questions.