Patterson and Tillman Named as Posse Foundation – Atlanta Scholarship Finalists!

Congratulations to two BUY-Cobb Leadership Academy students, Deni Patterson and Amani Tillman, who have recently been name Posse Foundation – Atlanta Scholarship finalist!

Every year, the Posse Foundation – Atlanta facilitates the awarding of 60 full-tuition scholarships to Atlanta area high school seniors.  The scholarships are provided to 10 individual students that make up what is affectionately called a “Posse” at each of six Posse affiliated partnership schools (Bard College, Boston University, Brandeis, College of Wooster, George Washington University, and Texas A&M). The students awarded the scholarships will receive the full-tuition scholarships to the university that they have been accepted to among the six universities and will attend the university with their own incoming freshman group of nine (9) other Posse Scholars (winners of the scholarship) from Atlanta. However, it is not that they just show up to class in the fall, and form their Posse. The Posse Scholars scholars will be working in mandatory sessions on teamwork, life skills, coping strategies, and bonding throughout their senior year and the summer until they arrive on campus.

Every year, approximately 1500 students are nominated for the Posse Scholarship by schools, community organizations, and leaders in the community. The nominated students go through a series of interviews, until the field is narrowed down to the finalists. There are approximately 120 finalists named each year, but only 60 will be awarded. Since approximately 2014, BUY-Cobb, Inc., as a Posse Scholarship nominating community organization  has nominated five (5) rising high school seniors. To date, BUY-Cobb Leadership Academy former students have made it to all levels of the Posse Foundation – Atlanta scholarships, including having two that have won the scholarships. In 2016, Donovan Shipley (Boston Posse) won the scholarship, and in 2017, Garrett Montague (Texas A&M Posse) won the scholarship.

Amani has applied to be a George Washington University (Washington, DC) Posse Scholar and Deni has applied to be a College of Wooster (Wooster, Ohio) Posse Scholar. Good luck to both these outstanding young women in their final interviews.

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