“When he spoke to you, he was very unsure of his words. [H]e would stumble…make changes in what he was saying. Now, when he speaks to you, he always gives you [eye] contact…make sure that he expresses what he is feeling in a very articulate way.” ~ a parent speaking about their son before and after attending BUY-Cobb’s Leadership Academy

“In a time where children are so addicted to social media, an organization like this is so crucial. Having such a connection to their phones, leaves them disconnected from reality. BUY Cobb instills values in them that Social Media and reality t.v. doesn’t. The education they receive and the opportunities set.” ~ a parent talking about the value of BUY-Cobb

“I believe being around his peers and being exposed to various individuals with different backgrounds helped him see that success comes in various ways.” ~ a parent discussing the changes in their student, which they attribute to BUY-Cobb